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Three Things I Loved About Hacking Graphic Novels by Shveta V. Miller

1. Shveta V. Miller situates the graphic novel, but also notes the way these books inspire readers in really clear ways. I am thinking of the “sparks” listed at the beginning of the book, including texts that “Tell compelling stories” and “Create subtly humorous gags” (p. 22). Graphic novels are perfect for this kind of work!

2. Miller admits to the pushback on graphic novels and spells out clear steps in response. Yes, this pushback still exists and, in some circles, might even be swelling again (if Twitter is to be believed). Comic books are books, too, even if you don’t call them “graphic novels,” and the author gives some clear advice on how to deal with negative and disparaging responses.

3. The book includes clear steps and examples. I wish I had read this when I was a classroom teacher, trying to bridge my traditional ELA training with the books that my students found most enjoyable and engaging. Miller includes examples of student work but also clearly rendered comics pages with a variety of ideas that teachers can try out – immediately.

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